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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 1, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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passengers who were injured. 8 were treated at the scene and able to leave. 12 were taken to local hospitals. fire department officials say most injuries were minor but one person has life threatening injuries. police say the bus rear ended a dump truck. late today investigators said it appeared the driver swerved and hit the breaks to avoid striking a truck that stopped but the bus plowed into the dump truck. the drivers were not injured. emergency personnel reboationed passengers, and -- triaged passengers and assessing their injuries. >> more older, seemed like, well, my age, middle age, you didn't know whether they were hurt inside or -- or where but there was no blood that we sod. >> reporter: muni officials say the driver will undergo alcohol
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and drug testing. the investigation will focus on surveillance video on board the coach that are pointing that driver and at the road. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the other crash this afternoon happened in san francisco's bay view neighborhood and involved a light rail train. ktvu's mike mibach is talking with officials to find out what has been going on. >> reporter: the fire department says 40 people were on board the train. 20 were injured. 11 were transported to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries. the t line is back up and operating here. crews did that 35 minutes ago as they were able to get it back on the track. third street also back open to traffic for the evening. police say it was after 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, the white big rig turned into its path. >> can't describe. it was just like a earthquake.
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you know? >> i thought, you know, it was accident or gun shots. you know, i wasn't sure. it was loud. >> reporter: there is a sign at the intersection that states no left or u-turn. at this point in the investigation police say it appears the driver of the big rig is at fault. >> there is a no left turn sign posted clearly there and those vehicles were in motion and the truck turned in front of the muni. >> reporter: you didn't see the train? >> there wasn't no train. i was waiting there. i was waiting and i looked around there was nothing. >> reporter: the driver said he wasn't trying to make a left turn there, he was trying to avoid vehicle traffic and in doing so that sent him right to the tracks. muni says the operator was able to pull the emergency break before the collision as procedure. the operator will be tested for
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drugs and alcohol. the lrv had damage but it will be able to be put back in service. live tonight in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. one man who was injured in the crash spoke with ktvu channel 2 news moments after leaving the hospital. >> all i hear is a big boom. you know, by then i am on the side of the thing. hit my side. >> 23 people were sent to 7 area hospitals. 5 to san francisco general hospital, st. marys, st. frances and ucst, kaiser san francisco and south san francisco. >> 40 people were hurt in two serious muni crashes in the city this afternoon. 20 people hurt in each collision. everyone is expected to be okay but one person's injuries are
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life threatening. muni is investigating each accident to determine what went wrong. our coverage continues on our website we posted pictures and video of the incidents under the top story tab. a bus caught fire while stopped on the side of a highway in san jose. check out these photos on twitter showing the boss on fire. -- bus on fire. no passengers were on board just the driver who pulled over before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. flames spread to nearby gas but was put out. the airport shut down this afternoon following a crash landing of a small plane. the airport is located on airport boulevard west of highway 101 in santa rosa. the fire department says the landing gear of the plane failed. no ones was hurt but the plane blocked the one runway
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prompting officials to close the airport briefly. facebook went dark and it made headlines world wide. users saw this error message. thousands of people quickly took to twitter and other social media networks talking about the issue. a psychologist tells us this response is not unexpected because facebook stimulates the same pleasure centers as drugs. >> there are treatment centers across the united states, three or four that i know of that are treating social media addictions. >> but people we spoke with say they were not concerned with the outage and it didn't effect their days. a veteran is recovering after being shot in antioch this morning on rock spring way at 12:30 a.m. this morning. the shooting was the 4th since wednesday. investigators say the vet was walking home when he got into an argument with someone on the
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sidewalk. he was wounded in the chest, arm and stomach. police say he is expected to survive. authorities released the game of a man who was shot and killed last night in oakland. daniel ellis was gunned down near 27th avenue and international boulevard at 7:20 p.m. last night. no arrests have been made. authorities are warning people to be on the look out for a man impersonating a police officer. the sheriff's office says the suspect was pulled over by police two weeks ago driving a white ford chronvictoria. inside officer -- crown victoria. inside officers found a gun, handcuffs, a fake badge and more. the driver is a gang member. anyone who has been contacted by this person is asked to call the sheriff's office. lot of activity at the new
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levi stadium as crews get ready for the big event tomorrow. it is not the 49ers, it is the astros earthquake -- the san jose earthquake. ktvu's ann rubin found out a party is planned. >> reporter: this time tomorrow that party will just be getting underway. tickets are sold out with fans eager to get a look inside. >> reporter: spehr sprucing up the outside and -- they are sprucing up the outside and polishing up the inside. crews are hard at work in the final hours and fans can't wait. >> pretty cool. it is not everybody you get to see a new stadium. >> reporter: workers tested the sound system, the power and the wifi. others were stalking the stores with merchandise and cold beer. contractors came into meet last
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minute dead lines. >> last minute craziness. >> the san jose earthquakes got in one final practice before the big game. the president says fans are in for a treat. >> we will have a lot of pomp and circumstance at pre-game, halftime. >> the halftime show a tribute to championships. appearances from former champions from the earthquakes and 49ers. >> we have a lot of things that we did for this game. >> now the time for practicing is over. tomorrow's game will fill the stands to 2/3 the capacity. it will be a real test for everything from security to parking. officials say all the planning and hard work is about to pay off. >> we are here to enjoy that and people are heady for a party. >> reporter: after tomorrow's game there will be time to evaluate what worked well at the stadium and what needs tweaking. the 49ers take the field for their first game august 17.
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ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> levi stadium will offer more than just football and sporting events. it has an art collection reflecting the history of the bay area. a photo photograph and poster art. the collection also includes the agricultural history of the south bay and works of john steinbeck and it wouldn't be complete without a tribute to the 49ers glory days. there are two hundred pieces of original add and 500 photographs -- art and 500 photographs. a tree fell on to the city line around 4:30 a.m. this afternoon on columbus avenue. several lines were effected as muni service was rerouted. traffic was backed up for several hours but it was back to normal by this afternoon. b.a.r.t. police are trying to figure out who left a suit case at a
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station prompting an evacuation at the morning commute. >> the bomb squad detonated the suit case. it was spotted by a train operator around 7:30 a.m. this morning. b.a.r.t. police say it did not appear to have explosives in it. a computer glitch is to blame for flight days in san jose. officials say doors and alarms stopped working because of an issue with a server. it happened before 6:00 a.m. this morning delaying flights for 45 minutes. the airport says technicians haven't identified the problem but say they don't expect hacking. in one part of the bay area waste water, you will get a phone call from this lady. we will tell you what she will tell you. >> big changes at the golden gate bridge toll plaza, what to expect when you cross the bridge. >> triple digit heat today,
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>> big changes at the golden gate bridge toll plaza. crews make room for a new barrier. it will be installed january 10. this week crews have been restriking plane -- restriping lanes that reduces lanes from 8 to 6. four booths will be demolished and the clock has been removed so it could be refurbished. a man is in critical condition after he was hit by a train in antioch about 7:30 a.m. this morning.
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the victim was airlifted to the hospital. his friend says he was helping his girlfriend move her bags across the tracks when he was hit. water wasters tonight getting called out by neighbors. ktvu channel 2 news discovered an increase in drought hot line calls in the east bay, our cameras there as officials logged the calls. ktvu's john fowler reports on how it could cost you. >> reporter: in the heat this afternoon this prompted this call today. >> i can't water my yard and they have green grass and water is running down had gutters. ridiculous amount of water. please, somebody check this out. >> they said hot line calls -- >> they are watering dead plants. >> the last 30 days spiked up 1200%. >> i am calling in response to a water waste report. >> reporter: he first gives them a call.
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>> record that you are not irrigating at this time. >> reminding them of the drought. >> thank you. >> some people get defensive because they think they are doing a lot to conserve. >> reporter: after a visit wasters could get flow restricters or their water shut off. customers exceeded its volunteer 10% cut for july. without a single fine. >> we would rather use a friendlier approach to get people to stop wasting water. >> reporter: the district is expected to adopt mandatory restrictions and declare a drought emergency but unlikely to approve fines. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. california lawmakers are slated to return to the capital monday following their summer recess. they have one month to pass bills before the end of the
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year. several important items including a water bond, convincing tesla to buildilities plant in california and strengthening the entertainment industry. >> the ends of session is what i call the time of great opportunity and time of great peril depending on how it goes. i like to think of it as a time of great opportunity. getting a water bond done is a major priority. >> the final day for lawmakers to pass bills is august 31. they will reconvene for the 2015 session january 5. crews are among those called to help fight a string of wildfires sparked by lightning. 500 people are on the scene hof it lodge fire. the fires together burned 650 acres since wednesday. they are facing dry conditions. and this is only 5% contained. en update on -- an update
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on the el portal fire near yosemite national park it burned 4200 acres, 58% contained. people were allowed to return home three hours ago. they have been out of their homes since saturday. officials are concerned about this weekend when hotter, drier weather is forecast. temperatures today hot around here. we have 102 antioch. 102 livermore. today is the hottest day of the week. temperatures tomorrow trend down. more fog and on sunday temperatures drop off. not going to get cold. the hot spots are in the upper 80s. 97 concord. 102 livermore. 97 morgan hill. it was a spare the air day. won't be tomorrow. nice strong onshore flow drops temperatures temperatures and by sunday drops 5 to 10 degrees. that will be the coolest day. fog along the coast.
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looks like last night. what happens here, back it out, what happens here is it is getting deeper tomorrow. to begin the cooling we will see more push of the fog to there. as we head into your sunday, we will see more -- a much more significant push and that fog gets into the livermore valley, and that is the cooling that occurs on sunday. it is already blowing good out there. we are starting to see greens and yellows. cooler air further inland. marine layer is deeper and the winds are significant. blowing on shore consistently. we are seeing a cool down beginning. over night lows tonight in the low 60s. mid-60s. marine layer stretches up tomorrow. and then a lot more on sunday. so tomorrow cooler. sunday a lot cooler. that is how it will go.
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nice weekend, though. over all. the only difference sunday inland instead of 100 or 90s you will see upper 80s. still warm. warm enough. remains cool along the coast. fog and low clouds coast side. temperature foot print, last night we had purples. all the heat is pushed back into the valley. which is what you expect when the onshore wind ramps up. that is what we are seeing. the weekend is coming. saturday the warmest day. sunday is the coolest. one more time. 96 walnut creek. 97 livermore. forecast highs tomorrow warm still. just not as warm today. 85 menlow park. spare the air day today. not tomorrow. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, fog is back and temperatures trend
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down. saturday is still hot out there but just not as hot as today. we will talk about it, how hot -- it felt hotter than it was today. >> a lot of people inland are baking. along it coast it was more comfortable. >> by monday -- [ talking at the same time ] >> less fog at the coast and it will be 88 inland. >> more comfortable. thank you. new players at the coliseum, mark ibanez tells us about the a's new and old preparing to play their first game since yesterday's big blockbuster trade. the holes in tillamook swiss cheese are actually
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work is now underway on a new arena for the sacramento kings. this morning crews kicked off the demolition process to make way for a new arena. they were visited by sacramento mayor who recalled the obstacles the city faced to keep them there. it is expected to open in
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october 2016. >> sacramento is pumped up about that. a's fans pumped up today. >> getting so much attention yesterday and today the new players are in. the a's organization gets to show off their bounty, the three new additions and the middle there, john lester, but sam fold, and jonny gomes, getting jogging in prior to tonight's game against kansas city. john lester will make his debut with the a's tomorrow against had royals. sure to be -- against the royals. sure to be a big crowd and today he talks about the excitement in joining oakland's organization. >> going from a team that hasn't done so well this year to a team that has the best record in baseball is exciting. they play the game the right way. the staff has always been strong. a lot of younger guys that have
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been around a while. excited to be a part of it. >> like i said, six of them in the all-star game, i haven't been to one. turns out two years ago, they are trumping me now. i am going to come in and just be jonny gomes and be ready when they call on me. >> fireworks tonight for the a's. early start. we will have highlights at 10:00 p.m. >> the giants back in new york starting a 10 game road trip and they have support in new york. lots of giants fans out there. they had a lot to cheer about. they were already lead null-0 in the -- leading 2-0 when hunter pence flips the outfield. he has a two run triple. ryan vogelsong throw as complete game. who is at second base? that kid. those are his parents. that was his first major league
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hit. looks like he is 18 years old. rbi single. 5-1. he throw as complete game. the first of his career. game just ended. 5-1 giants. mean time not good news for dustin johnson. yesterday he said he would take six months off to face personal challenges. the top golfer in the world. today he was suspended by the pga for testing positive for cocaine. this is the third failed drug test in five years for dustin johnson and they are calling it a leave of absence. 16th16th ranked goffer in the world -- golfer in the world will be out. wish him the best. should be fun at the coliseum tonight. tomorrow john lester debut.
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>> the players get right-to- work. >> they don't waste time. yoenis cespedes might pinch hit tonight for the boston red sox. >> all right. thank you. coming up at 10:00 p.m. a creek filling a sewage. the work underway to fix the leak and why neighbors say the city was slow to respond. that story and much more coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. good night. >> good night. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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